Influence of social media on HSC Result

By | May 23, 2018

As we all know the world is becoming advanced day per day so and the main reason is technology the more it is advancing the more it is bringing everyone in good state by facilitating the harsh and unachievable work. But does it really helping out the future generation? Does it really beneficial for current youth

Let’s find Out?

We know now even 5th class students have smartphone in their pockets, which is actually affecting a lot in studies because this is the point where children starts to understand the good and bad things in life. One which is known as HSC (12th board) is considered one of the main examination in students life. When students get addicted to social media life then the outcome is very well known by all of you.


This addition becomes more dangerous when the final exams are coming closer, at that time student mind has become more generous about memes and friends rather than his own personal life. This further results in low grades and disrupts the future education as well. If student made all his effort in achieving a good HSC result 2018 then he/she can sustain a better education life in future.

Social media is not at all bad if you figure out to use it in better way, Students after going to hectic schedule of studying can relax themselves and cherish their mood with jokes and all sorts of mind cheerfulness stuff. Students can also learn their weak subjects as some page offers tutorials which ease down the hard subjects and help in clearing the doubts as well.

The influence of social media doesn’t have so much affect in result of students but it does play the role of distraction in day to day life.

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