What are the top 3 state boards of India?

By | May 25, 2018

All the education board provides quality education but we are talking about best of the best and the list is based by analyzing many features. As you all may know that ICSE and CBSE is already among the top boards which had no comparison with other boards since we are not talking about them here.
Let’s look at the top 3 state boards of India.



1. Maharashtra state board of secondary and higher secondary education (MSBSHSE)

This is among those boards who consistently showed great performance in terms of education and other activities as well. In one of the news it was also mentioned that studying in Maharashtra boards is same as studying in CBSE board. Since students have showed such great performance since last 10 years that parents are now considering Maharashtra board over CBSE board.

2. Rajasthan Board

Being a fellow students from this board I can very much elaborate this board in all aspects. Since we have lot to talk about other boards then let’s skip long talk it for a while. If we measure student’s performance then it’s quite great as they have tough education than CBSE. The syllabus, the time to study and many other things. Students get less time to prepare still achievement is outstanding.

3. Tamil Nadu board of education

You might have heard of this board quite a time as they always seems to amaze everyone with their results. Even this year HSC result 2018 the overall passing percentage is 91.1{4e02c539215b7b748e209c91ce2981d0d10fb004ed6138f025548750dc163966}. In some districts the overall passing percentage crossed even 94.5{4e02c539215b7b748e209c91ce2981d0d10fb004ed6138f025548750dc163966} and that is something extraordinary and rare to see in our education system.

So these are some best educational boards in India.

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