Why or why not to apply for revaluation of HSC and SSC papers?

By | May 24, 2018

There is misconception in students of SSC and HSC regarding reevaluation. To think that everyone will get higher marks if they apply for reevaluation is total blunder. Most of the students who apply for reevaluation ends up getting lower marks than before. Reevaluation is for those students who need grace marks to pass and even a single correction will do. The number of students who apply for reevaluation is decreasing every year because of this particular reason.

Even some board officials have made clear statement and warned students not to apply for reevaluation just to get higher marks in particular subject. Re-evaluation is done by a committee of three experts who are expert examiners or moderators. The scrutiny papers are checked thoroughly after making any final announcement.

The procedure for submitting the reevaluation is very simple. Students just need to submit the photocopy of answer sheet and the recommendation letter from subject teacher that’s all it takes. Finally they need to send it along with written note to state board to apply for revaluation.

Students who didn’t failed and requesting for higher marks through reevaluations are advised not to apply as reevaluation is big process which takes time to complete. Along with this news there is some other news we want to mention here. Students should not believe on any rumors of HSC result 2018 declaration date on its scheduled date and there is no delay in that schedule.


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